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Called into rural ministry at the age of 24 we learned quickly that being trained in theology was very important.  I found myself facing many questions about God and his desire of our lives in the context of a small village called Iskabhavigudum.  I began my ministry, a maverick, passionate and living under a tree on the outskirts of Iska for 15 months.  In those months of hardship I saw the Lord bring hundreds of people to himself and 300 churches were planted in the surrounding area previously unreached.

As I began to engage with all the new believers their curiosity and questions inspired me to attend seminary where I met my partner in ministry and wife.  Together we returned to Iska and began to Disciple our young and passion new church leaders.

As our ministry grew we saw that our theological teaching began to inspire the young believers to a life of compassion and service.  We knew there was more God

wanted to do.  At that time we both received a call to join as students in a seminary in the U. S.  We continued to seek out more training and found a wealth of resources in books, commentaries, well trained leaders, a desire to share all these blessings began to grow.

Over the next 20 years we collected discipleship material that we thought would be helpful for the encouragement and development of pastors and lay leaders.  In October of 2013 we felt it was time to give back all we could to an area still hungry for tools of discipleship.

When I was in India I had the opportunity to sit with young pastors as they studied the Bible and asked questions of a visiting missionary. They were each in charge of multiple churches, and most had not had much, if any, opportunity for personal discipleship or for theological study. These young leaders gather to share what they have learned, and are eager to learn more.  They desire training and resources to grow in their personal spiritual formation and as leaders in the emerging church.Despite the great need, there are only a few centers for Christian resources and discipleship in India. Out of these ever fewer to none are easily accessible to the average Indian Christian.  Rural populations are at the greatest disadvantage in terms of accessing and connecting with the larger world of faith formation.  Greater resources would enable maturity and the strength of character. Discipleship leads to a life of transformation for the individual and community compelled to live a life of unity, compassion, and hope.

Channel of Blessing aims to help mobilize financial and educational resources to equip Indian Christians and church leaders.  We desire to empower leaders to be better equipped for the ministry through a deepened relationship with God.

We hope to connect the worlds that God has given us in a partnership that is mutually beneficial.  I know that my faith has been strengthened by the passion and faithfulness of believer in rural India facing immense persecution for their faith.  I hope the stories of these believers encourage your faith and that as you feel inspired to share your resources we can strengthen each other in Christ.

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